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Armband E-Nose

Concept of Armband Electronic Nose

  • Low cost chemical sensor array with a wireless communication for applications in healthcare.
  • The sensing unit was fabricated by a fully inkjet-printing technique, comprising eight different sensor elements manufactured by varying printing patterns and sensing materials.
  • Preliminary results based on principal component analysis (PCA) could classify different odors released from the human body upon various activities.

The Future of Cancer Screening

Electronic Nose for cancer screening

  • The sensors were capable of detecting volatile vapors in exhaled breath aimed to discriminate HCC patients from healthy subjects.
  • This chemical gas sensor array has a good sensitivity to a broad range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sufficiently to cover the chemical species contained in the human exhaled breath such as acetone, ammonia, methyl-ethyl-ketone, and toluene (excluding water that has negligible impact on sensitivity of the sensors).

Odor can tell you many things

  • Human odor released from the oral cavity (e.g. exhaled breath, saliva) and  human excretion (e.g., sweat, urine, excrement).
  • The VOCs derived from skin are one of the indicators containing information about metabolic process inside the human body.
  • VOCs monitoring may imply about information of skin hygiene (outer factor) and human health (inner factor). 


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